Mobile Quotation Service

Mobile Quotation Service

Are your insurance sales struggling due to a slow and inefficient quotation process? Silvermoon has the solution. We’re delighted to announce the general availability of our Mobile Quotation Service for Insurance, which can significantly bolster your sales capabilities by putting a dynamic multi-product quotation service in the hands of your agents and customers.

With our Mobile Quotation Service, agents and customers can actively collaborate during the quotation process, reducing major blockers in the product-to-market, quote, and policy issue processes. When agent and customer agree on a quote, they can take it forward to an application for insurance, which then gets processed in the LUNOS policy admin system seamlessly, achieving a more streamlined quote-to-issue process.

Our service leverages an advanced flexible product definition capability that enables extreme product innovation, rapid product launch, and even faster “tweaking” of products in the market. Unlike the usual approach, with our service, your products are limited only by your own imagination and not by “what’s been done before.”

Using our secure mobile app, agents and customers can interact with a dynamic multi-product quotation engine available in the cloud, massively extending your market reach and providing service scalability on demand, both critical factors when launching new breakthrough products. Plus, insurance companies can analyze all the data generated by the service and provide controlled access and visibility to their sales force.

Our Mobile Quotation Service is also “enterprise-friendly” with multiple options for interoperability with your existing IT fabric or other sales ecosystem services. As a service, you don’t need to buy costly IT or endure exhausting system configuration projects to get your product to market. We’ll take your product specs, configure the service for you, and run the service on a secure scalable cloud platform. You keep control of your product and budget, get your product in the hands of your customers and salespeople fast, and watch the quotes roll in.

Contact us today to learn how Silvermoon’s Mobile Quotation Service can transform your insurance sales.